Advanced Modeling Applications (AMA)

Driving development of virtual reactor to support real-world applications

Objectives and Strategies

  • Establish CASL’s modeling and simulation needs for achieving plant power uprates, life extension, and higher burnup fuels
  • Provide the primary bridge between the scientific and computational capabilities developed by CASL and external stakeholders
  • Engagement with regulatory authorities to enable future advanced modeling & simulation applications
  • Leverage industry contributions to include end users in the development and evaluation process

Requirements Drivers

  • Connect end users with CASL R&D by:
    • Providing a conduit for end-user input
    • Defining requirements for and performing capability assessments of the virtual reactor
    • Integrating with other DOE and NRC programs that support improvements in light water reactors
  • Simulating operational and safety challenge problems and physical nuclear reactors

Outcomes and Impact

  • AMA will demonstrate the applicability of VERA’s capabilities to current industry challenges through successful application to the CASL challenge problems
  • VERA will be benchmarked with operational data from commercial reactors
  • AMA will provide early deployment for industry partners through CASL test stands