Collaboration and Ideation (C&I)

Technology Paradigms to Propel Energy Science Innovation

Objectives and Strategies

  • Facilitate collaboration and ideation through the Virtual Office, Community, and Computing (VOCC) Project.
  • Provide a C&I framework to guide all collaborative CASL development and assist in demonstrating CASL-developed Modeling and Simulation (M&S) capabilities (VERA) to CASL partners, industry, and potential customers and users.
Transforming Knowledge to Insight

Requirements Drivers

  • The VOCC Project provides a dynamic and creative collaboration environment (VOCC Lab) to support CASL’s mission, and it has three primary goals
    • Under one-roof, to bring together (both physically and virtually) the best scientists, engineers, researchers, and students to form a collaborative LWR thought community.
    • Successfully operate and scale the VOCC Laboratory so it can support all aspects of CASL’s mission from collaborative modeling & simulation to education and industry outreach.
    • Collaboration Research and Development

Outcomes and Impact

  • Improving how science programs like CASL innovate with partners
    • Help speed up innovation, while reducing development costs
    • Help DOE understand the effectiveness and cost efficiency of such collaborative environments