Physics Integration (PHI)

Integrating the CASL Virtual Reactor

Objectives and Strategies

  • Focus on completion of the VERA Core Simulator (VERA-CS) to provide a platform for challenge problem physics integration
  • Strong collaboration with other focus areas to integrate advanced M&S capabilities to achieve challenge problem solutions
  • Create a useful and usable product for industry applications

Requirements Drivers

  • Operational reactor modeling through full power steady-state operation with improved physics
  • Challenge Problem analysis capabilities through multi-physics integration of advanced physics capabilities being developed by MPO, THM, RTM
  • Enable use of VUQ methodologies for quantification of uncertainties
  • Deployment and use of VERA

Outcomes and Impact

  • An effective modeling and simulation environment for reactor analysis
  • Integrated CASL physics being used to address challenge problems
  • VERA deployed through Test Stands and used on Leadership Class computers
  • Moving from development to applications