Science Council

The Science CouncilThe Science Council provides independent assessment of whether the CASL scientific work planned and executed is of high quality and supports attaining the goals of CASL. In addition, the Science Council may be called upon to complete detailed assessments of specific CASL scientific issues.

The Science Council advises the following CASL Focus Areas (FAs): Radiation Transport Methods (RTM), Thermal Hydraulics Methods (THM), Materials Performance and Optimization (MPO), and Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VUQ), but may assess due to the importance of multi-physics integration and structural mechanics Physics Integration (PHI) and Advanced Modeling Applications (AMA).

The Science Council also identifies supportive scientific activities that are being conducted elsewhere. The Science Council can establish subcommittees for specific activities if necessary. These subcommittees will have well-defined missions and durations specified at their origination and updated as needed.