Thermal Hydraulics Methods (THM)

Delivers thermal-hydraulic simuulation tools to Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA)

Activities and Priorities

  • Priorities (Defined by SLT):
    • Hydra-TH multiphase model functional in realistic geometries
    • Subcooled boiling model development implementation, application
    • Momentum closure (lift/drag) model development, implementation, application
    • Support DNB L1
    • Conjugate heat transfer capability integrated/enabled
    • Full vessel work (includes meshing strategies)
  • Activities – FY14 THM Workshop (Hosted at MIT)
  • Code Distribution/User Support: > 52 licensed users

Challenges and Risks

  • Challenges:
    • Coordinating efforts among the 10 THM institutions
    • Balancing R&D efforts and code development with V&V activities, user support with limited resources
    • Code delivery with limited resources and manpower
  • Risks:
    • Staff retention
    • Impact of user support on development


  • L2:THM.CFD.P9.01: Single Phase Validation of Hydra-TH for Fuel Applications
  • 11 L3 CFD milestones, and 9 L3 CLS milestones supporting the L2 milestone
  • THM Workshop focused on coordinating research efforts, organizing requirements for DNS/Experimental data and improving V&V/UQ efforts