Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VUQ)

Achieving credible, science-based predictive simulation capabilities

Objectives and Strategies

  • VUQ is dedicated to developing overall Verification and Validation (V&V) approach
  • VUQ will provide CASL with
    • Best-estimate predictive capabilities with reduced uncertainties
    • Capability for quantified predictive maturity assessments
  • The Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) process will guide CASL R&D investments and aid in designing future experiments

Requirements Drivers

  • V&V and UQ methodologies and tools are needed by every Focus Area
  • VUQ is the CASL “integrator” focused on:
    • Access to software and underlying math models
    • Validation data (at all physical scales)
    • Partnerships with other Focus Areas to implement uniform VUQ practices

Outcomes and Impact

  • Continuous evolution toward transformational, predictive computational simulation
  • Capability to quantify and reduce uncertainties in nuclear modeling and simulation
  • Mathematical tools and methodologies integrated and accessible to enable quantifying sensitivities and uncertainties in full-scale multi physics Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) simulations