About CASL

The Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) is the first DOE Energy Innovation Hub established in July 2010, for the purpose of providing advanced modeling and simulation (M&S) solutions for commercial nuclear reactors.

CASL’s vision is to predict, with confidence, the performance of nuclear reactors through comprehensive, science-based modeling and simulation technology that is deployed and applied broadly throughout the nuclear energy industry to enhance safety, reliability, and economics. 

CASL’s mission is to provide coupled, higher-fidelity, usable modeling and simulation capabilities needed to address light water reactor operational and safety performance-defining phenomena. 

CASL’s foundational technology products include CASL solutions and CASL ModSim Technologies. CASL’s ModSim technology, the Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA), provides higher-fidelity results than the current industry approach by incorporating coupled physics and science-based models, state-of-the-art numerical methods, modern computational science, integrated uncertainty quantification (UQ) and validation against data from operating pressurized water reactors (PWRs), single-effect experiments, and integral tests.

CASL will address, through new insights afforded by its ModSim technology, key nuclear energy industry challenges to furthering power uprates, higher fuel burnup, and lifetime extension while providing higher confidence in enhanced nuclear safety and this cleaner energy source.

The CASL Team is a consortium that consists of ten founding partners and numerous contributing members.  The CASL organization is led by Oak Ridge National Lab, and CASL’s R&D is executed in six technical teams called Focus Areas (FA) and one integrating technical area, Collaboration and Ideation (C&I). This ground-breaking partnership provides unparalleled collective institutional knowledge, nuclear science and engineering talent, computational science leadership, and a record of LWR design and regulatory accomplishments!