One-Roof Culture

CASL’s “virtual one-roof” approach is implemented through physical collocation of a strong central leadership team, interdisciplinary collaboration, regular community-building activities, execution of a single milestone-driven plan by multidisciplinary teams with access to a broad talent base, and integration of interdependent projects. The Virtual Office, Community, and Computing (VOCC) team integrates existing and emerging technologies, and when necessary develop new technologies to provide CASL participants with state-of-the-art tools for collocation or distance collaboration.

CASL engenders a virtual one-roof culture by establishing a CASL satellite at the partner locations using state-of-the-art communication and network connections between these locations to enhance and promote advanced concepts in R&D collaboration, community, and presence. Each satellite designates a CASL space with appropriate office, collaboration, and meeting space to enable the collocation of a local multidisciplinary CASL team.


CASL is a committed partnership among multiple scientific and engineering institutions and is committed to the delivery of CASL goals and technical products. Part of this commitment includes a collocation commitment, which over the lifetime of CASL will be a combination of physical and virtual collocation. Because of the unique nature of this partnership, and of the hub concept, we define collocation to be a significant collection of CASL partners in one physical location for the purpose of executing CASL goals. This definition does not dictate the geographical site of the single physical location; rather, it requires that the site be a single physical setting with CASL staff gathered to conduct technical work. Often this physical location will be on the ORNL campus at the anchor CASL facility.