The CASL organizational structure (Figure 1) has proven to accommodate necessary program priority changes and risk management actions during CASL’s lifetime, yet possesses a primary structure that is stable and functional. Major features include:

  • Central, integrated management working predominately from a single location at ORNL: Director with full line authority and accountability for all aspects of CASL; Deputy Direct to drive program planning, performance and assessment; Chief Scientist to drive science-based elements; experienced Focus Area Leads and Deputies with responsibility for the core science and engineering elements; and a Collaboration and Ideation Officer responsible for VOCC Project execution and integration across the core elements.
  • Strong science, engineering, applications, and design leadership
  • A commitment to one-roof approach and widespread implementation of state-of-the-art collaboration technology
  • Well-informed and timely decision-making and program integration
  • Independent oversight and review via an external Board of Directors which advises on annual performance goals, tactical and strategic plans, and performance metrics
  • Integrated technical Project Management across CASL for schedule and budget and an integrated operations team, providing clear leadership for environment, safety, and health; finance; program review; business management; quality; and, security
  • Robust technology transfer and partnerships office to ensure efficient, widespread industrial engagement and coordinated management of intellectual property, ensuring that CASL discoveries and VERA will be translated rapidly to commercial applications.

Figure 1: CASL Organizational Structure