Education Program Director

The CASL Education Program Director (EPD) is responsible for delivery of programs supporting the educational mission of CASL. The EPD will execute a new education and training paradigm that integrates all aspects of the new nuclear reactor system design process within the VERA rubric, and provide students and partners with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the new computational Hub design tools. The new paradigm will be assessed and compared to conventional educational methods, and the effectiveness of teaching with VERA tools in integrated teams will be evaluated in the classroom.

The EPD carries out the CASL Education Program with the help of an Education Program Committee, consisting of representatives from each core partner university as well as industry partner institutions. Additional at-large members may be nominated to cover specific fields of expertise, including student recruitment programs, and/or specialized teaching methods. There are no more than eight committee members, with the Chair being the CASL EPD.

Communications Coordinator

The CASL Communications Coordinator (CC) is responsible for informing and educating the public, stakeholders, and decision-makers regarding the achievements and opportunities created by CASL. The CASL CC will work the CASL Extended Leadership Team (ELT) to inform stakeholders and other interested parties of status updates and activities regarding the CASL project; keep decision-makers updated on CASL technology and its future potential; identify and address emerging stakeholder issues related to the CASL project; promote the benefits and initiatives offered by CASL with decision-makers and stakeholders; foster interaction between CASL leadership and key policy makers; guide efforts at understanding and achieving technology transfer; and explore challenges to the growth of nuclear energy and the success of CASL.

The CC uses a Communications Committee in carrying out the CASL communication needs. The committee is composed of representatives of CASL core partners and selected consultants. The role of the committee is to produce printed and online materials that educate and update key audiences and stakeholders and address issues that arise related to funding, safety, and mission.