CASL Resources features selected science and engineering innovations, insights, and results from CASL staff R&D activities in the form of publications, software, images, videos, and news. This "scientific output" is presented here to help you stay abreast of the latest happenings at CASL.

In the Publications section you will find public documents generated as part of CASL's research. The Software section gives the latest updates on CASL's key technology deliverables, namely its virtual reactor modeling and simulation software known as the Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications, or "VERA". The Image Gallery is home to numerous scientific visualizations related to CASL's mission. The Video Gallery contains interviews with CASL staff and researchers, special recognition concerning CASL, along with technical demonstrations. The News section includes news and events related to CASL or related nuclear energy research. Look at the Media Kit page for the CASL acknowledgement statement and official logos.