Video Gallery

Management of Uncertainties in Predictive Science presented by Dr. Hany Abdel-Khalik and Dr. Ralph Smith, NCSU.

Surrogate Models for Uncertainty Quantification presented by Dr. Ralph Smith, NCSU.

Subchannel Methods for the Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis for Nuclear Power Systems presented by Dr. Michael Doster, NCSU.

Finding the Cure for CRUD: Insights from CASL presented by Dr. Mike Short, MIT.

Andrew Godfrey (ORNL) describes CASL -- the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors--a multi-institutional effort led by the Department of Energy that's using high-performance computing.

Watts Bar Unit 1 Cycle 1 PWR full core beginning-of-cycle simulation at hot full power (neutronics coupled to thermal-hydraulics) using the Core Simulator components of CASL's Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA-CS). Shown are horizontal slides of the coolant enthalpy moving up through the core.

Energy Secretary Chu visits ORNL.

Nuclear Energy After Fukushima

Sharing a vision for the future: On May 3, 2011 home base for the Consortium for the Advancement of Light Water Reactors (CASL) was formally dedicated. Remarks were delivered by Secretary for Science Steven Koonin, Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Pete Lyons, CASL board chair Ernie Moniz of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ORNL Director Thom Mason, CASL Director Doug Kothe, and industry representatives.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu answers questions from "Energy Matters" town hall.