Predict, with confidence, the performance of nuclear reactors through comprehensive, science-based modeling and simulation technology that is deployed and applied broadly throughout the nuclear energy industry to enhance safety, reliability, and economics.

CASL will address, through new insights afforded by its modeling and simulation (M&S) technology, key nuclear energy industry challenges to furthering power uprates, higher burnup, and/or lifetime extension while providing higher confidence in enhanced nuclear safety. CASL will deploy a technology step change (VERA) that supports today’s nuclear energy industry and accelerates future advances in the development of this cleaner energy source. CASL M&S technology will become the leading nuclear energy industry M&S capability for supporting advanced nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) and nuclear fuel research, development, and deployment. By making VERA accessible to the nuclear energy community as early as possible, CASL will demonstrate − through industry acceptance, adaption, and licensing − that its M&S technology proactively targets the right industry problems.


CASL recognizes that strong operating values are vital to execution of our strategy. These values inform how CASL work is performed and sets expectations for the behavior of CASL members. They express the beliefs about what it will take to succeed in the mission. CASL values address:

  • Safety and Security: all accidents are preventable; proactively manage risks; and protect what is entrusted to us.
  • Agility and Innovation: operate in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity; push the boundaries of what is possible; and embrace change and challenge the status quo.
  • Delivering Results: confront and solve problems; deliver on our commitments; and work together to achieve meaningful and measurable results.
  • Excellence with Integrity: show uncompromising honesty; perform to the highest standards; and do the right thing.
  • Customer Focus: commit to exceeding the customers' expectations; be responsive and straightforward with customers; and recognize that nuclear safety is the ultimate customer.
  • Staff Development: progression and development of staff members is essential to successful delivery of CASL products, therefore CASL leadership will consider the impacts of project decisions on CASL staff and CASL educational efforts, and, to the extent possible, specifically respect the needs of young scientists and engineers to achieve quality research outcomes and prepare them to lead the nuclear energy industry’s adoption of advanced M&S capabilities.

CASL is an outcome-oriented endeavor. As such, the scientific and engineering products are of primary importance. The evolution of scientific needs will inevitably lead to changes in the roles of founding partners and contributing members and fundamental changes of scope are feasible for CASL (for example, the application of CASL–created tools to reactor systems beyond those originally defined). These circumstances may also require changing roles for founding partners and contributing members, including the addition of new founding partners or contributing members to the consortium or the exit of existing founding partners or contributing members from the consortium.