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Board of Directors

The CASL Board of Directors (BOD) serves as both an advisory and oversight body for the ORNL Laboratory Director and the CASL Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on issues related to management, performance, strategic direction, and institutional interfaces within CASL. The CASL Director reports to the BOD on all matters related to CASL strategic program plans and decisions.

The BOD works to ensure the execution of CASL operational and R&D plans provide maximum benefit to key stakeholders, such as DOE and the CASL Industry Council.

Specifically, the BOD:

  • Advises the ORNL Laboratory Director on selected matters of CASL scope, schedule, budget, performance, and strategic direction;
  • Advises the CASL SLT on strategic direction and annual performance goals;
  • Evaluates performance of the SLT on an annual, or as-needed, basis;
  • Reviews and advises on annual project and budget plans and budget allocation changes in excess of $2M to CASL partners on an as–needed basis;
  • Supports the CASL and ORNL SLT in managing effective interfaces with key stakeholders, transitional and applied R&D, technology transfer, and commercialization;
  • Works with senior DOE leadership to support the Hub concept as a new DOE organizational approach;
  • Assists in and helps foster CASL partner organization interrelationships on an as-needed basis.

The BOD consists of representatives of the executive leadership of CASL founding partners plus a group of up to three at-large internationally recognized leaders in R&D, industry, or government with extraordinary records of achievement.

Board of Directors

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Battelle for the US Department of Energy.

CASL is U.S. DOE Energy Innovation Hub founded in July 2010.




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