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CASL's Strategic Goals

Develop and apply contemporary M&S practices for design, operational, and safety challenges for LWRs;

  • Engage the nuclear community (government, academia, and industry) in the research, development, and deployment process, in order to set scope and priorities and ensure outcomes of value;
  • Deploy advanced MODSIM technology via a VERA to customers, clients, and users;
  • Advance nuclear technology by deploying new capabilities for predicting the performance of commercial nuclear power plants and supporting progress toward key nuclear industry goals of higher power ratings, greater fuel burnup, and next generation designs.


CASL's Partners


CASL's Partners



The simulation legacy at ORNL was established during the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. Modeling and simulation is a backbone in the nuclear industry, perhaps more than in most other science and engineering fields. 

CASL's Energy Innovation Hub is sustained by ten founding partners and supported by many additional partners. The CASL lead institution is ORNL, which was founded to develop the world’s first nuclear fuel cycle and today is DOE’s largest science and energy laboratory. ORNL has world-leading capabilities in computing and computational science and substantial programs and assets in nuclear energy R&D, as well as a record of accomplishment in leading large-scale scientific collaborations. 

The participation of Idaho National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories as CASL partners provides exceptional strengths in fundamental science, nuclear energy R&D, transformational high performance computing technology, and development of models and algorithms for the solution of complex problems. 

Academic partners NCSU, the University of Michigan (UM), and MIT are leaders in nuclear engineering R&D and education. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducts R&D to ensure that nuclear power remains a safe and economically feasible generation option and provides CASL with connections to nuclear power plant operators, regulatory agencies, and other research organizations. Westinghouse Electric Company, a pioneer in nuclear power, has a long and successful history of supplying leading-edge nuclear technology. The Tennessee Valley Authority operates six reactors (3 PWRs and 3 boiling water reactors (BWRs) that provide more than 6,900 MW of electricity to the grid.

CASL leverages a broad range of industry and science advisors through implementation of an independent Science Council and Industry Council to review and advise on quality and relevance of its science and technology. CASL's Board of Directors provides oversight and advice on management, planning, and science and technology strategy; the CASL Board of Directors is chaired by Dr. Pete Lyons, former Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy at DOE and Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Battelle for the US Department of Energy.

CASL is U.S. DOE Energy Innovation Hub founded in July 2010.




Stephanie Swint