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Corrective Actions for Software Problem Reports


ID Summary Status
2019-001 Summary File Edits are Incorrect for Thermal Power and Absolute Flow Fixed
2019-002 MPACT crashes with AIC control rods and FeCrAl guide tubes Fixed
2019-003 Intrapin Coupling Results in Error for Mixed Radial Mesh Cases Fixed
2019-004 Power Normalization NaN in ORIGEN Fixed
2019-005 Yao-Hochreiter-Leech (YHL) grid enhancement multiplier applied to wrong level when used to enhance spacer grid effect on turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) Fixed
2019-006 Pressure sink boundary condition does not behave as expected Deferred
2019-007 Closure model terms not being solved in ghost channels connected to solved rods Fixed
2019-008 Fix CTF build when starting from non-Git repo Fixed
2019-009 Segfault with radial coupling with CTFFuel and axially jagged mesh Pending
2019-010 MPACT geometry error if many digits are specified on the axial_edit_bounds Pending
2019-011 Segfaulting in MAMBA when turning the lithium effect is enabled in the CTF clad corrosion model on Fixed
ID Summary Status
2019-012 String matching for control rod and insert names may lead to incorrect results Fixed
ID Summary Status
2020-016 Using void/density from two timesteps previous to calculate velocities Pending


ID Summary Status
2020-001 Center assembly h5 datasets are being incorrectly unfolded Fixed
2020-002 Extended coupling mesh does not read TH data into MPACT other than guidetube data. Pending
2020-003 MPACT producing error when using ZAID 40000 in cladding material. Fixed
2020-004 Xml2ctf not setting centroids or channel centers correctly for BWR models Pending
ID Summary Status
2020-005 Inconsistent Direct Heating Default Between MPACT and CTF Fixed
2020-006 Get_linear_power procedure not accounting for clad power in CTF Pending
ID Summary Status
2020-009 Defect in units treatment in Xml2ctf related to baffle gap Pending
2020-010 Fuel temperature output dataset incorrect for old temptable input format Fixed
2020-011 MPACT Timing Output Missing MOC Data and Labels Missing Fixed
2020-012 NaN Encountered in Lattice Depletion with P2 Scattering Fixed
2020-013 VERAView X/Y labels switched for B&W plants Pending
2020-014 VERAIn parser accepted improper syntax. Fixed
ID Summary Status
2020-015 Incorrect number of axial elements for data moderator-based datasets in HDF5 files with homogenized spacer grid treatment Fixed
2020-016 Using void/density from two timesteps previous to calculate velocities Pending
ID Summary Status
2020-017 CTF applying boundary condition distribution maps to wrong value Pending
2020-018 (Defect) Large4 Guide Tubes Fail to Homogenize in Nozzle Regions Fixed
ID Summary Status
2020-019 Incorrect Pin Powers Normalization for Certain Cases Fixed
ID Summary Status
2020-020 Xenon Zero Option Not Zeroing Xenon with Depletion Fixed

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