CASL Annual Reports

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  1. CASL-U-2010-0006-000, Introduction to LIME: A Lightweight Integrating Multi-physics Environment for Coupling Codes, 10/29/2010
  2. CASL-U-2010-0023-000, Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification Workflow in CASL, 12/30/2010
  1. CASL-U-2011-0020-000, CASL Validation Data: An Initial Review, 01/31/2011
  2. CASL-U-2011-0220-000, Establish a Database to Track Collocation Activities and Attendees, 03/15/2011
  3. CASL-U-2011-0060-000, Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification Workflow in CASL, 03/28/2011
  4. CASL-U-2011-0017-000-a, A Theory Manual for Multi-physics Code Coupling in LIME, 03/31/2011
  5. CASL-U-2011-0017-000-b, Design of a Neutronics Package for Multi-Physics Reactor Calculations, 03/31/2011
  6. CASL-U-2011-0049-000, Enable Statistical Sensitivity and UQ Demonstrations for VERA, 03/31/2011
  7. CASL-U-2011-0057-000, Develop and document verification guidelines for sensitivity analysis and UQ results, 03/31/2011
  8. CASL-U-2011-0059-000, Demonstration of    Validation    Methodology    Applied    to    VIPRE-­W    Boiling    Index    Calculations, 04/25/2011
  9. CASL-U-2011-0001-000, NEAMS VU and CASL VUQ: Strategic Goals, Priorities, and Leveraging Opportunities, 04/30/2011
  10. CASL-U-2011-0036-001, Intellectual Property Management Plan, 05/04/2011
  11. CASL-U-2011-0019-000, Open Source the Percept Software and Demonstrate Verification of a Grid-to-Rod Fretting Problem, 06/30/2011
  12. CASL-U-2011-0021-000, CASL Validation Databases: Scoping Analysis of Requirements and Path Forward , 06/30/2011
  13. CASL-U-2011-0055-000, Best Estimate Plus Reduced Uncertainties (BERU) Predictions, 06/30/2011
  14. CASL-U-2011-0075-000, DeCART/STAR-CCM+ Coupled  Simulation  of a Quarter-Core C/E Plant, 06/30/2011
  15. CASL-U-2011-0192-000, Solution Verification Applied to Drekar and Fuego Calculations using of Grid-­to­‐Rod­‐Fretting (GTRF) , 07/31/2011
  16. CASL-U-2011-0175-000, A 2D, High Resolution, Coupled Demonstration and Assessment of the Crud Challenge Problem, 08/26/2011
  17. CASL-U-2011-0169-000, Domain Model Specification for VERA: Version 1.0, 09/11/2011
  18. CASL-U-2011-0017-002, An Introduction to LIME 1.0 and its Use in Coupling Codes for Multiphysics Simulations, 09/30/2011
  19. CASL-U-2011-0167-000, LIME 2.0 Architecture and Design, 09/30/2011
  20. CASL-U-2011-0183-000, Deployment and Testing of Hydra-TH CFD Code, 09/30/2011
  21. CASL-U-2011-0185-000, ITM Benchmark #1: PHASTA Results, 09/30/2011
  22. CASL-U-2011-0248-000, Light Water Reactor Fuel Performance: Current Status, Challenges, and Future High Fidelity Modeling, 09/30/2011
  23. CASL-U-2011-0196-000, Verification of the Coupled Fluid/Solid Transfer in a CASL Grid-to-Rod-Fretting Simulation, 10/31/2011
  24. CASL-U-2011-0052-000, Literature Survey of Existing Thermodynamic Models for the NiFeZnCrCoBO System, Phase Diagram Calculations, example Pitzer Calculations, and Initial Density Functional Theory Calculations, 11/18/2011
  25. CASL-U-2011-0242-001, Initial Assessment of Hydra-TH on Grid-to-Rod Fretting Problems, 12/22/2011
  26. CASL-U-2011-0237-000, High-Order Quantitative Model Validation Metrics Integrating Experimental And Computational Data For Large-Scale Time-Independent Nonlinear Systems, 12/28/2011
  27. CASL-U-2011-0171-000, Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis for CIPS with VIPRE-W and BOA, 12/31/2011
  1. CASL-U-2012-0045-000, Proof-of-Concept of DeCART/STAR-CCM+/MAMBA Coupled Simulation for the Prediction of Crud Deposition on a Fuel Pin with Grid Spacers, 01/20/2012
  2. CASL-U-2012-0011-000, Power Uprate Limitation Assessment, 01/31/2012
  3. CASL-U-2012-0012-000, ITM Simulations of Subcooled Flow Nucleate Boiling Experiment at TAMU, 01/31/2012
  4. CASL-U-2011-0184-001, Solution Verification Applied to TransAT Large Eddy Simulations for Smooth Wall Channel Flow With Periodic Boundary Conditions, 02/28/2012
  5. CASL-U-2012-0026-000, Evaluation of Industry Council Pilot Project Alternatives, 02/29/2012
  6. CASL-U-2012-0041-000, Full Core Reactor Analysis: Running Denovo on Jaguar, 03/12/2012
  7. CASL-U-2012-0037-000, Thermal Hydraulic Validation Report, 03/29/2012
  8. CASL-U-2012-0039-000, Review of Experiments for CASL Neutronics Validation, 03/29/2012
  9. CASL-U-2011-0074-002, CASL VERA Requirements, 03/30/2012
  10. CASL-U-2011-0236-002, Industry Council Workflow Project, 03/30/2012
  11. CASL-U-2012-0044-000, CIPS Validation Data Plan, 03/31/2012
  12. CASL-U-2012-0052-000, CASL Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Tool, a Unified PM Platform, 03/31/2012
  13. CASL-U-2012-0237-000, Enhancement of GTRF Modeling Fidelity, 03/31/2012
  14. CASL-U-2012-0245-000, Demonstrate Initial Deterministic Transport Capability through VERA-CS, 03/31/2012
  15. CASL-U-2012-0054-000, High Fidelity Fuel Performance Model Development: Focus on Benchmark & Validation activities for PCI and CRUD, 04/02/2012
  16. CASL-U-2012-0085-000, All-Speed Methods and Long-Duration Time Integration for Incorporation into the 7-Equation Two-Phase Model, 05/31/2012
  17. CASL-U-2012-0064-000, Initial MPACT Integration, 06/01/2012
  18. CASL-U-2013-0130-000, Theoretical Investigation of Microstructure Evolution and Deformation of Zirconium under Cascade Damage Conditions , 06/22/2012
  19. CASL-U-2012-0080-000, Propagation of Model Form Uncertainty for Thermal Hydraulics using RANS Turbulence Models in Drekar, 06/30/2012
  20. CASL-U-2012-0132-000, Advanced Solution Verification of CFD Solutions for LES of Relevance to GTRF Estimates. , 08/31/2012
  21. CASL-U-2012-0155-000, Notes on Newton-Krylov based Incompressible Flow Projection Solver, 09/20/2012
  22. CASL-U-2012-0162-000, Validation Data Plan Implementation: Subcooled Flow Boiling Case Study, 09/28/2012
  23. CASL-U-2012-0163-000, Sensitivity, Verification, and Validation Studies of STAR-CD, STAR-CCM+, and Nphase CFD Boiling Models, 09/29/2012
  24. CASL-U-2012-0075-000, Integration of Hydra-TH in VERA, 09/30/2012
  25. CASL-U-2012-0156-000, Informing the Development of multiphase CFD models using Bubbly Turbulent Flow Interface Tracking Results , 09/30/2012
  26. CASL-U-2012-0159-000, Method of Characteristics Assisted Cross Section Homogenization for Denovo, 10/09/2012
  27. CASL-U-2012-0164-000, RANS CFD Simulations for CASL THM Using Drekar::CFD, 10/31/2012
  28. CASL-U-2013-0326-000, Bubbly Flow in Channel, 10/31/2012
  29. CASL-U-2012-0171-000, Grid Sensitivity Study of CFD versus COBRA, 11/26/2012
  30. CASL-U-2013-0145-000, Mixing and non-stoichiometry in Fe-Ni-Cr-Zn-O spinel compounds: Density functional theory calculations, 12/18/2012
  31. CASL-U-2012-0172-000, Analysis of Two-Dimensional Lattice Physics Verification Problems with MPACT, 12/21/2012
  32. CASL-U-2013-0003-000, Suggestions for COBRA-TF Parallelization and Optimization, 12/21/2012
  1. CASL-U-2012-0146-000, Proposed Test Stand Selection Criteria, 01/23/2013
  2. CASL-U-2013-0288-000, Hydra-TH Advanced Capabilities, 02/01/2013
  3. CASL-U-2013-0069-000, Preliminary Solution Verification of Denovo: Focus on Spatial—Angular Convergence, 02/28/2013
  4. CASL-U-2013-0079-000, Survey of Software Quality Assurance and Code Verification Practices in CASL , 03/26/2013
  5. CASL-U-2013-0328-000, Quantification of Data Needs, Data Collection and Characterization to Support Validation and Calibration of Subcooled Flow Boiling Model , 03/28/2013
  6. CASL-U-2013-0281-000, VERA Core Physics Benchmark Progression Problem Specifications , 03/29/2013
  7. CASL-U-2013-0346-000, Demonstration of Hyrax Capabilities, 03/29/2013
  8. CASL-U-2014-0006-000, Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA): Snapshot 3.0, 03/29/2013
  9. CASL-U-2013-0046-000, Assessment of Improved Axial Scheme vs Baseline 2D/1D, 03/31/2013
  10. CASL-U-2013-0324-000, Hydra-TH code Ability to Compute Single-phase Turbulent Flows in a Nuclear Reactor, 03/31/2013
  11. CASL-U-2013-0087-000, Tabular Water Properties Interface for Hydra-TH, 04/01/2013
  12. CASL-U-2014-0083-000, Evaluating the Denovo SPN Discretization, 04/05/2013
  13. CASL-U-2013-0091-000, Generalization of the ORNL Radiation Growth Model for Zr-Based Materials to Account for Internal and External Stresses, 04/12/2013
  14. CASL-U-2013-0146-000, VERA Release Plan, 04/26/2013
  15. CASL-U-2013-0048-000, Practices with Dakota to COBRA-TF for AMA-Relevant Problems, 04/30/2013
  16. CASL-U-2013-0220-000, Reducing Uncertainties via Predictive Modeling: FLICA4 Calibration using BFBT Benchmarks, 05/05/2013
  17. CASL-U-2015-0148-000, 2D/1D Approximations to the 3D Neutron Transport Equation. I: Theory, 05/05/2013
  18. CASL-U-2013-0062-001, ITM/DNS database of drag, lift and wall effects, including the effects of void fractions, 06/26/2013
  19. CASL-U-2013-0121-000, Implementation of More Complete Thermochemical Database in MAMBA, 06/28/2013
  20. CASL-U-2013-0140-000, Closure Relation for Microlayer Evaporation in Nucleate Boiling, and its Application to ITM Test Case 3b, 06/30/2013
  21. CASL-U-2013-0325-000, Nucleation Site Density, Bubble Departure Diameter, Bubble Departure Frequency, and Local Temperature Distribution in Subcooled Flow Boiling of Water, 06/30/2013
  22. CASL-U-2015-0102-000, Lean/Agile Principles and Practices for Developing Quality Scientific Software, 07/08/2013
  23. CASL-U-2015-0103-000, Multi-Phase Flow: Direct Numerical Simulation, 07/08/2013
  24. CASL-U-2013-0321-000, Development of a Plastic Deformation Model of Irradiated Zircaloy for Addressing LOCA Conditions, 07/13/2013
  25. CASL-U-2013-0164-000, Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA): Snapshot 3.1, 07/24/2013
  26. CASL-U-2013-0150-001, Coupled Single Assembly Solution with VERA (Problem 6), 07/31/2013
  27. CASL-U-2013-0165-000, Initial Demonstration of Peregrine in VERA-CS, 07/31/2013
  28. CASL-U-2013-0105-001, Operational Reactor Model Demonstration with VERA: Watts Bar Unit 1 Cycle 1 Zero Power Physics Tests, 08/23/2013
  29. CASL-U-2013-0181-001, Demonstration & Assessment of Advanced Modeling Capabilities for Multiphase Flow with Sub-cooled Boiling, 08/30/2013
  30. CASL-U-2013-0184-000, Uncertainty Quantification and Data Assimilation (UQ/DA) Study on a VERA Core Simulator Component for CRUD Analysis, 08/30/2013
  31. CASL-U-2013-0185-000, Advancements on Wall Boiling Modeling in CFD: Leveraging New Understanding from MIT Flow Boiling Facility, 08/30/2013
  32. CASL-U-2013-0188-000, General Purpose Steam Table Library, 08/30/2013
  33. CASL-U-2013-0204-000, A New Mechanistic Subcooled Boiling Model for PWR Assemblies, 08/30/2013
  34. CASL-U-2013-0209-000, Hydra-TH Verification, Validation and Thermal-Hydraulics Benchmark Problems, 09/16/2013
  35. CASL-U-2013-0283-000, Modal Dynamics Analysis Demo with Sierra, 09/25/2013
  36. CASL-U-2013-0192-000, A Study of the Role of Adjoint-Equipped CFD in VUQ Analysis of Channel Boiling Simulations, 09/30/2013
  37. CASL-U-2013-0193-000, Implementation and validation of the new RPI boiling models using STAR-CCM+ as CFD Platform, 09/30/2013
  38. CASL-U-2013-0194-001, Validation Data Needs Survey, 09/30/2013
  39. CASL-U-2013-0198-000, HYDRA-TH Ability to Compute Single-phase Turbulent Flows in a Nuclear Reactor, 09/30/2013
  40. CASL-U-2013-0199-000, Bubble Condensation Heat Transfer in Subcooled Flow Boiling at PWR Conditions: a Critical Evaluation of Current Correlations, 09/30/2013
  41. CASL-U-2013-0201-000, Assessment of the Performance of COBRA-TF for the Prediction of Subcooled Boiling Conditions in Rod Bundles, 09/30/2013
  42. CASL-U-2013-0203-001, Thermal Hydraulic Simulations, Error Estimation and Parameter Sensitivity Studies in Drekar::CFD, 09/30/2013
  43. CASL-U-2013-0205-000, Advanced Multiphysics Strategies for Radiation Transport/Heat Transfer Coupling, 09/30/2013
  44. CASL-U-2013-0211-000, MEMS Sensor Measurement of Surface Temperature Response during Subcooled Flow Boiling in a Rectangular Flow Channel, 09/30/2013
  45. CASL-U-2013-0213-000, Separate Effects V&V for Hydra-TH, 09/30/2013
  46. CASL-U-2013-0214-000, Experimental Investigation of Subcooled Flow Boiling, 09/30/2013
  47. CASL-U-2013-0224-000, CILC Studies with Comparative Analysis to Existing Plants, 09/30/2013
  48. CASL-U-2014-0009-000, RSICC Release Testing Results Summary, 09/30/2013
  49. CASL-U-2014-0028-000, Development of Hybrid Order Reduction Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, 09/30/2013
  50. CASL-U-2013-0215-000, Tally Server Implementation in OpenMC, 10/24/2013
  51. CASL-U-2013-0273-000, Application of MPACT 2D/1D to AMA Benchmark Problem 5, 11/30/2013
  52. CASL-U-2013-0280-000, Coupled Single Assembly Solution with COBRA-TF/MPACT (Problem 6), 11/30/2013
  53. CASL-U-2014-0040-000, Transient Evaluation of Bubbles in a Channel, 11/30/2013
  54. CASL-U-2013-0196-000, Demonstration of Neutronics Coupled to Thermal-Hydraulics for a Full-Core Problem using VERA, 12/30/2013
  1. CASL-U-2014-0143-000, Two-Phase Fluid Flow Modeling in CRUD using MAMBA-BDM, 02/17/2014
  2. CASL-U-2014-0012-001, Westinghouse VERA Test Stand Zero Power Physics Test Simulations for the AP1000® PWR, 03/06/2014
  3. CASL-U-2014-0061-000, Assessment of Modeling GTRF Gap Development, 03/20/2014
  4. CASL-U-2014-0036-000, Industry Test Stand Experience, 03/28/2014
  5. CASL-U-2014-0038-000, User Guidelines and Best Practices for CASL VUQ Analysis Using Dakota , 03/28/2014
  6. CASL-U-2013-0223-000, A Comparison of Adjoint and Data-Centric Verification Techniques, 03/31/2014
  7. CASL-U-2014-0032-000, Assessment of Multi-Scale Thermal-Hydraulic Codes and Models for DNB Challenge Problem Applications, 03/31/2014
  8. CASL-U-2014-0041-000, PERCEPT Capabilities in CASL Dakota, 03/31/2014
  9. CASL-U-2014-0042-001, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VUQ) Strategy, 03/31/2014
  10. CASL-U-2014-0045-000, MPACT Testing and Benchmarking Results, 03/31/2014
  11. CASL-U-2014-0054-001, VERA Tools and Workflows, 03/31/2014
  12. CASL-U-2014-0051-000, Demonstration of Neutronics Coupled to Thermal-Hydraulics for a Full-Core Problem using COBRA-TF/MPACT, 04/01/2014
  13. CASL-U-2014-0126-000, Pipe Diffusion at Dislocations in UO2, 04/30/2014
  14. CASL-U-2014-0081-000, Evaluation of Coupling Approaches, 05/01/2014
  15. CASL-U-2014-0043-001, VERAOUT – VERA HDF5 Output Specification, 05/02/2014
  16. CASL-U-2014-0069-000, Modeling an iPWR Startup Core Cycle with VERA Progress Report 1, 05/07/2014
  17. CASL-U-2014-0139-000, Microscale Model for Simulating Fretting Wear of Brittle Materials with Third-body Wear Debris Interaction, 05/08/2014
  18. CASL-U-2014-0217-000, Mechanisms of Zr Surface Corrosion Determined via Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Charge-Optimized Many-Body (COMB) Potentials, 05/14/2014
  19. CASL-U-2014-2020-000, CTF – A Thermal-Hydraulic Subchannel Code for LWRs Transient Analyses Users’ Manual, 06/20/2014
  20. CASL-U-2014-0069-001, Modeling an iPWR Startup Core Cycle with VERA, 06/26/2014
  21. CASL-U-2014-0112-000, Tiamat Transition from Demonstration Capability to Research and Production Tool , 06/30/2014
  22. CASL-U-2014-0114-000, ORIGEN Integration into MPACT, 07/04/2014
  23. CASL-U-2014-0149-000, An Assessment of Coupling Algorithms for Nuclear Reactor Core Physics Simulations, 07/10/2014
  24. CASL-U-2015-0026-000, Fuel Performance with BISON, 07/12/2014
  25. CASL-U-2014-0128-000, Mesh-Free Data Transfer Algorithms for Partitioned Multiphysics Problems: Conservation, Accuracy, and Parallelism, 07/31/2014
  26. CASL-U-2014-0140-000, Demonstration of Full Core Reactor Depletion with MPACT, 08/10/2014
  27. CASL-U-2014-0169-000, CTF Validation, 08/20/2014
  28. CASL-U-2012-0131-004, VERA Core Physics Benchmark Progression Problem Specifications, 08/29/2014
  29. CASL-U-2014-0170-000, Integrated Lift- and Wall-Force Closures in Computational Fluid Dynamics ( CMFD) , 08/29/2014
  30. CASL-U-2014-0119-000, Application of Multi-Scale Thermal-Hydraulic Models to DNB Analysis, 08/30/2014
  31. CASL-U-2014-0154-000, Single Phase Validation of Hydra-TH for Fuel Applications , 08/30/2014
  32. CASL-U-2012-0019-002, Technology Control Plan, 09/20/2014
  33. CASL-U-2014-0194-000, Enhanced Turbulence Model Capabilities in Hydra-TH, 09/26/2014
  34. CASL-U-2014-0186-000, Implementation of the Transient Capability in MPACT: Phase II , 09/30/2014
  35. CASL-U-2014-0187-000, Update to Industry Test Stand Experience Using VERA, 09/30/2014
  36. CASL-U-2014-0188-000, Development of CTF Capability for Modeling Reactor Operating Cycles with Crud Growth, 09/30/2014
  37. CASL-U-2014-0189-000, Operational Reactor Depletion Analysis Capability, 09/30/2014
  38. CASL-U-2014-0197-000, An Information Theoretic Approach to Use High-Fidelity Codes to Calibrate Low-Fidelity Codes, 09/30/2014
  39. CASL-U-2014-0198-000, Cobra-TF Parameter Exposure Work, 09/30/2014
  40. CASL-U-2014-0201-000, Demonstration of Atomistically–informed Multiscale Zr Alloy Deformation Models in Peregrine for Normal and Accident Scenarios, 09/30/2014
  41. CASL-U-2014-0205-000, Development of a General Purpose Subgrid Wall Boiling Model from Improved Physical Understanding for Use in Computational Fluid Dynamics, 09/30/2014
  42. CASL-U-2014-0208-000, Transient Evolution and Dispersion of Bubbles in a Channel and Data Mining, 09/30/2014
  43. CASL-U-2014-0209-000, Full-Field Measurements of Turbulent Bubby Flow using Innovative Experimental Techniques, 09/30/2014
  44. CASL-U-2014-0210-000, Single/Multiphase CFD Assessment, Verification, and Validation, 09/30/2014
  45. CASL-U-2014-0211-000, Micro-hydrodynamics in High Heat Flux Boiling and Burnout: Experimental Data and Model Development, 09/30/2014
  46. CASL-U-2014-0213-000, BISON Contact Improvements, 09/30/2014
  47. CASL-U-2014-0185-000, VERA-CS Validation Plan, 10/21/2014
  48. CASL-U-2014-0214-000, Native Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) in Hydra-TH, 10/22/2014
  49. CASL-U-2014-2144-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 User’s Manual, 11/04/2014
  50. CASL-U-2014-2126-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework forDesign Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 Reference Manual, 11/07/2014
  51. CASL-U-2014-2137-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 Theory Manual, 11/07/2014
  52. CASL-U-2014-4071-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework forDesign Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 Developers Manual, 11/07/2014
  53. CASL-U-2015-0087-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 User’s Manual, 11/07/2014
  54. CASL-U-2015-0088-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 Developers Manual, 11/07/2014
  55. CASL-U-2015-0089-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 Reference Manual, 11/07/2014
  56. CASL-U-2015-0090-000, Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.1 Theory Manual, 11/07/2014
  57. CASL-U-2015-0048-000, MPACT Development, 11/11/2014
  58. CASL-U-2015-0049-000, The Effect of Heater Surface on Critical Heat Flux: Database, Hypothesis, and Evaluation, 11/11/2014
  59. CASL-U-2015-0047-000, Estimation of the Shear-Induced Lift Force on a Single Bubble in Laminar and Turbulent Shear Flows Using Interface Tracking Approach, 11/20/2014
  60. CASL-U-2015-0131-000, SAMPLES: ZIRCONIUM SPRING, 11/25/2014
  61. CASL-U-2014-2129-000, Improvement of CTF using Computational Fluid Dynamics, 12/15/2014
  62. CASL-U-2015-0020-000, Improvement of COBRA-TF Subchannel Thermal-Hydraulics Code (CTF) using Computational Fluid Dynamics, 12/15/2014
  63. CASL-U-2015-0030-000, Develop, Test and Validate New Models of Subcooled Boiling, 12/15/2014
  1. CASL-U-2015-0056-000, CTF –  COBRA-TF Subchannel Thermal-Hydraulics Code (CTF) Pre-processor Users’ Manual, 01/19/2015
  2. CASL-U-2015-2124-000, CTF Pre-processor User’s Manual, 01/19/2015
  3. CASL-U-2015-0021-000, Contact Memory Report, 01/31/2015
  4. CASL-U-2015-0019-000, MPACT Code Preparations for RSICC Release, 02/11/2015
  5. CASL-U-2015-2108-000, Progress in implementing the 2-D/3-Dcapabilities in MPACT, 02/12/2015
  6. CASL-U-2015-0079-000, Exnihilo User’s Manual Release 5.3 (Dev), 02/19/2015
  7. CASL-U-2015-2028-000, Exnihilo Documentation Release 5.3 (Dev), 02/19/2015
  8. CASL-U-2015-0077-000, MPACT User’s Manual Version 2.0.0, 02/20/2015
  9. CASL-U-2014-0014-002, VERA Common Input User Manual, 02/23/2015
  10. CASL-U-2014-0231-001, VERA Problem 10: Restart and Shuffling in MPACT, 02/26/2015
  11. CASL-U-2015-0046-000, Updates on a Robust Momentum Closure Approach for Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applications, 02/27/2015
  12. CASL-U-2015-0040-000, Initial Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Input Specifications, 02/28/2015
  13. CASL-U-2015-0054-000, COBRA-TF Subchannel Thermal-Hydraulics Code (CTF) Theory Manual, 03/10/2015
  14. CASL-U-2015-0055-000, CTF – A Thermal-Hydraulic Subchannel Code for LWRs Trainsient Analyses Users Manual, 03/10/2015
  15. CASL-U-2015-0078-000, MPACT Theory Manual Version 2.0, 03/11/2015
  16. CASL-U-2015-0076-000, Validate VERA-CS using the industry standard BEAVRS Cycle Depletion Benchmark Problem, 03/13/2015
  17. CASL-U-2015-0116-000, Implementation and Preliminary Verification of the Quasi-1D Kernel for Intra-pin Resonance Physics in MPACT, 03/16/2015
  18. CASL-U-2015-4047-000, Implementation and Preliminary Verification of the Quasi-1D Kernel for Intra-pin Resonance Physics in MPACT, 03/16/2015
  19. CASL-U-2015-0068-000, Synthesis of CRUD and its Effects On Pool and Subcooled Flow Boiling, 03/31/2015
  20. CASL-U-2015-0080-000, Exnihilo Transport Methods Manuals, 03/31/2015
  21. CASL-U-2015-0084-000, PHI Development for CFD Interoperability, 03/31/2015
  22. CASL-U-2015-0085-000, A Multi-Year Plan for Enhancing Turbulence Modeling in Hydra-TH, 03/31/2015
  23. CASL-U-2015-0160-000, Progress on the Implementation and Testing of On-The-Fly Doppler Broadening for Monte Carlo Simulations, 03/31/2015
  24. CASL-U-2015-2101-000, Incorporate MPACT into TIAMAT and Demonstrate Pellet-Clad Interaction (PCI) Calculations, 03/31/2015
  25. CASL-U-2015-2103-000, Demonstrate Anderson Acceleration for Coupled Neutronics and Thermal Hydraulics in TIAMAT, 03/31/2015
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